Obong Victor Attah States That He Does Not Believe NDDC Should Exist, Advocates For Resource Control

The Former Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Obong Victor Attah, has criticized the establishment of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, instead of allowing the Niger Delta region to control its resources.

Obong Victor Attah stated that he does not believe that there should be an NDDC, rather he believes that the Niger Delta should be allowed to control its resources.

Obong Victor Attah made this known during an interview where he was asked about the way forward for the Niger Delta amidst talks of underdevelopment of the region.

Obong Victor Attah noted that in the past, the Western Region, Eastern Region, and Northern Region were allowed to develop on its own by controlling its resources.

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Obong Victor Attah stated that if the right things was being done in the beginning, there should not have been a need for the creation of NDDC. Obong Victor Attah also alleged that the budget of the commission was systematically being reduced.

Watch From The 16:35 Minute Of The Video Below:

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