Young Man Arrested For Punching And Spitting On A Police Officer

Young Man Arrested For Punching And Spitting On A Police Officer

A 25- year- old man has landed himself into big trouble after he was arrested and remanded by the Accra High Court for allegedly assaulting an innocent police officer who was on duty. The man has been remanded into Police care by an Accra Circuit Court.

The culprit, whose full name is Salim Mohammed Shaibu was said to punch the officer in the face and spat saliva into his eyes. The officer, Sir Daniel Afriyie sadly lost one of his eyesight temporarily after the incident.>>>>>CONTINUE READING HERE>>>>>

Shaibu is additionally blamed for brutally impelling the horde who likewise went after and forestalled staff at the Shukura District office who were performing legal obligations.

The court directed by Mrs. Adelaide Abui Kedey has remanded Shaibu into police authority to return on September 20.

Indicting, Chief Inspector Maxwell Ayim appealed to God for the court to remand the charged individual awaiting additional examinations.

As indicated by Chief Inspector Ayim, the rate at which residents allotted attacks on Police was becoming widespread adding that the blamed knew some of the guilty parties, so the Police required him to assist with capturing them.

The Defense Counsel supplicated the court to concede his client to bail saying he had taught the blamed on the ramifications for slipping away when allowed bail.

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