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You should be ashamed of yourself – Labour party slams Adams Oshiomole for using insecurity to campaign against Peter Obi

You should be ashamed of yourself – Labour party slams Adams Oshiomole for using insecurity to campaign against Peter Obi

The Labour Party has said former National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole should be ashamed of himself for attempting to use insecurity to measure the performance of its presidential candidate, Peter Obi, while in office as Anambra State Governor years ago.

Speaking at an APC function over the weekend, Oshiomole said

”For those of you who are social media warriors, there are issues here that you need to speak to. Go to Google and look at the first six months of governor Obiano’s administration in Anambra state,” he said……..Continue Reading

“What you will find on YouTube is governor Obiano using bulldozers to demolish the houses of kidnappers and those who were involved in what they called Bakassi boys or even girls.

“Who was the governor when Bakassi developed in Anambra and who solved the problem? So, if a man couldn’t fix a security challenge in his own state which requires courage, how can he convince that he would fix the security challenges all over Nigeria?

Don’t take it from me. Go to YouTube and find out about the first six months of governor Obiano and find out who was his predecessor.

If the [predecessor] had solved the problem, will Obiano be using bulldozers to demolish people’s houses — houses of kidnappers and Bakassi boys?

“So, when they say ‘I will fix Nigeria’, did you fix your state?”

National Publicity Secretary of the Labour Party, Comrade Arabambi Abayomi, responded to claims by Oshiomhole that Obi was incapable of solving Nigeria’s insecurity because he failed to tackle insecurity in Anambra State while he served as Governor.

In an interview with Vanguard. Abayomi said;

“I’m aware that Oshimohole was governor of Edo State, for two terms. He was part of those who connived to foist this reckless government of propagandists on Nigerians using deceit and scare-mongering in 2015. We are aware that when Peter Obi, our candidate was governor of Anambra, IPOB was not ordering people to sit at home.

It is curious that a government which Comrade Adams Oshimohole is part and parcel of can even attempt to use security as a yardstick to talk about any other government before it.

Is it not under this government that the Kuje Prison was attacked by bandits without a shot fired by security forces?

Is it not under this same Buhari-led APC government that bandits attacked the convoy of the sitting President and killed close to 30 security personnel?

These same bandits threatened to kidnap the president and the government is now at the mercy of a rag-tag army of bandits and terrorists instead of tackling this menace, the government is busy chasing innocent Nigerians and threatening them for showing discontent with the woeful failure of this ill-prepared administration.

If one may ask, where did comrade Oshimohole get the N100 million he used to pay for the APC Presidential form he picked?

We know for a fact he didn’t have this money before he ruled Edo for 8 years. He wasn’t flying business class when he was in the NLC.

Now that he and his friends in government have helped themselves they are scared that the house they built on quicksand will crumble.”



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