Women Uses These 7 Things To Control Men, Don’t Fall For It

Women Uses These 7 Things To Control Men, Don’t Fall For It

Seven ways that women control men are listed below:

1. Romance:

Why would you feel compelled to give her money following your recent romantic or sexual encounter with her? Change your money for something else that is worth at least as much; just make sure it isn’t the same thing that can be used to steal money several times……..Continue Reading

2. Prove your love:

You can’t just tell her you love her; you must show her that you love her. If you always prove, you are said to be “sipping.”

Listen up, because pure love requires nothing in return for its existence.

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3. Blackmailing with feelings:

It is nearly impossible to detect because you are the one who is experiencing this predicament. She will give you an explanation, but it will be illogical. If you tell another dude about what she’s done to you, you’ll know she’s trying to emotionally blackmail you.

4. Excessive compliment:

At this point in the conversation, she will start showering you with praise and compliments that she wouldn’t ordinarily provide in an effort to get a response from you. Despite knowing this, for some reason you keep falling for it. Never stray from the law in any way.

5. Tears:

When women start crying, some guys simply cannot handle it. You will be imprisoned as soon as she learns about this.

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Almost usually, she will break down in tears. Because weak males are preyed upon, you guys need to learn how to be tough.

6. She is always just joking:

When they see how their partners react, some women will claim that they were joking after saying things that were meant to incite rage and strong emotions in their spouses.

These women serve as tests for men’s weak spots. When a situation continues to develop in a number of ways, trust me when I say she will dominate you.

These kinds of women use this technique so they don’t have to be concerned about the consequences of what they say when they speak their views.

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You should give yourself some wise advice and leave the situation if this always benefits the other person (you, the guy) at the price of you.

7. Dramatic statement:

Some objects cannot be used for playing, but that does not mean we cannot play. Women who say things like, “You’re the only one I’ve ever loved, I’d die if I lost you, you’d never find someone to love you as much as I love you, and so on,” are manipulative. These are the words of women of this caliber.

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