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Woman narrates how her abusive husband applied pepper in her underwear without her knowledge

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Monicah Maina from Nyandarua has painfully described how her husband, with whom she was expecting a child, used hot pepper on her underwear. She was raised in Nyandarua county, and she was forced to drop out of school when her father was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

After her father died, she needed to find something important to help her mother raise her siblings, so she went to Nakuru and worked for a year. One fateful morning, as she went to gather nourishment for the cows, two men wearing facial coverings chased her down, tied her hands, and shut her mouth with socks.

One man penetrated her from the front, while the other came in from the back. Fortunately, a middle-aged woman passed by and took her to the hospital. She was taken care of, and the police were called, but no one was apprehended. When she was discharged from the hospital, her mother brought her home and cared for her.

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She stayed there for a long time before moving to Naivasha and starting selling clothes there. She got into a long-term relationship, and they decided to move in together without involving their parents. She had their first child after two years of marriage, and when she was only two months pregnant, her husband began betraying her.

He could go for days without returning home, and when she asked, he turned savage and beat her up. He brought a woman home one day and told Monica to sleep on the lounge chair while the husband and the woman rested on her bed. The next morning, she asked her husband why he was treating her so badly.

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The husband told her she wasn’t the type of woman he needed and that she should leave his house right away. Monica was hesitant to move out because she was pregnant and had not informed her mother about their marriage; the man had stopped feeding her, and her friends and neighbors were the ones who took care of her.

On one occasion, she went for pre-natal exams, returned home, and showered when she dressed up, she began to feel bothersome in her private region, she returned to the hospital, and the specialist discovered that her underwear had been applied hot Pepper, she returned home and asked her husband why he did that, he denied it.

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When her due date arrived, her friends took her to the hospital. She conceived a child through a c-section. Her husband did not come to the hospital. When she was released, she discovered the husband had removed all of his belongings from the house and left. It has been four months now and he has stayed away forever.

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