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Woman Beats Pastor For Having S3x With Her 2 Daughters, READ MORE

A certain pastor was on the 15th of May this year attacked and stripped for sleeping with two biological sisters during a community gathering.

The pastor who was identified as 33- year- old Grayton Sixpence, of the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe, was reportedly rushed into a vehicle beaten Mercilessly. He was gone after by two ladies; Lebani Ncube and her unidentified sister.

The said man who preaches the gospel, was accounted for to have converted his Warren Park rented room to a s3x sanctuary where he was bedding some female believers.

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Lebani, who is prominently known as Mbana, made it clear to the media that her choice to go after Pastor Sixpence came after she figured out that he had been bedding her two daughters identified as a 20- year- old Shylet, and an 18- year- old Tatenda.

” He has a record of bedding female congregants and has now done it to the wrong family. He has been dating Tatenda and he went on to seduce her sister Shylet and the two admitted to being s3xually abused by him. I went to the church and beat him severely and tore off all his clothes and he was rushed by the senior minister who took him to their home. I could not let him continue to s3xually abuse my daughters using the word of God, never. He is free to lodge a police report against me if he so wishes. The senior pastor took us for counselling and promised to deal with Sixpence. ” Mbana said.

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