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Woman Had 2 Abortions, What Those Babies Told Her in Heaven Will Make You Weep!

This is a powerful testimony that can bring some light into your heart.

The Harassment

” Hi I’ m Donna Grisham, at the age of 16, I went to a bowling alley with my female friend. At the bowling alley, we met two guys. My friend wanted to go riding with the guys and she convinced me to follow along.

I reminded her that my grandmother had already warned me not leave the alley without her permission, eventually she convinced me to join the guys.

I was eventually r@ped by one of the guys and was so afraid to open up to my grandmother because she will put the blames on me for not following her orders.

The first abortion

‘ Not too much later I found out I was 25- weeks pregnant and I ended up going to have an abortion. I was taken to have an abortion at a clinic in Birmingham alabama, I went to a planned parenthood clinic in Birmingham Alabama and I had what they called a saline solution. (My mother actually took me).

We went through the forgiveness before the abortion, and I ended up going through a saline abortion and after that I was at the hospital. They injected the saline solution and it burns the baby from the inside out and so I ended up having to go deliver– because at the planned parenthood clinic they don’ t tell you that you’ re going to deliver a baby. They actually tell you it’ s a blob of tissue and you’ re thinking you’ re it’ s going to be like a passing a blood clot.

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And so I went to and I had to deliver a 25 week old baby and the nurse forgot to pull the curtain, and I actually looked over and I saw my baby in a jar and I conceived the screaming and from that point on, I totally had lost everything. I went into a mode, I was living to die. If I could find every way, I would end up in the hospital.

The second abortion

After that, I tried committing suicide but couldn’ t even do that. I was just a mess and so I ended up getting pregnant again.

I also ended up going to have another abortion. I know most people think that’ s horrible and I thought the same thing.

I ended up having a suction abortion, and at that point that they turned the machine on, literally a light came off inside of me and I started screaming, ” turn it off turn it off turn it off” . They didn’ t turn it off. By that time it was too late.

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The aborted babies in Heaven

Years later, just when I’ m getting closer to God, I got pregnant again from the father of my second baby. I decided to keep the baby this time.

One day when I was worshiping in the church

, I had my eyes closed and I was just worshiping God, I was translated to heaven and I was actually on this park bench and I was taken with this park bench. I was looking down and looking all around it because it’ s like nothing I’ ve ever seen. There was gold on it, it was beautiful and all of a sudden a little girl and a little boy came running up to me.

They climbed up in my lap and they started kissing me one- on- one, she went on the other cheek and they started telling me we ” forgive you mommy, we forgive you mommy, love you mommy, we love you. ” And they said, ” we’ ll see you again” , and instantly I was back on the couch. When I tell that, it’ s like I feel their kisses, I knew their little lips kissing my cheeks.

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And I just want to say if you’ re a woman and if you’ ve had an abortion and you are struggling with knowing if your babies are okay, I just want you to know that Jesus wants you to know that your babies are with him and they’ re being well took care of, in fact they’ re enjoying heaven so much.

They’ re actually praying for us. Our babies in heaven are a part of the great cloud of witness and they’ re up there. They’ re praying for freedom for you and they want you to know that they love you, that they forgive. You are forgiven.

My prayer for you

I pray and I ask the lord to just heal every wound, every place, every hurt and remove I ask the lord to just remove every part of shame, that he will just strip you of of the shame that’ s been put on you and that he would clothe you in a robe of righteousness and you will know that you are going to see your baby again in heaven. Amen. “

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