With All Of Tinubu's Promises, Its Disappointing That Only 19% Of His Ministers Are Women – Saleh

Fatima Saleh, Secretary, Women in Politics forum has come out to say that the President should’ve added more women to his cabinet than the 19% he picked as ministers out of a possible 45 slots.

According to Fatima Saleh who appeared in an interview on AIT this afternoon, promises were made to include more women in the President’s cabinet ahead of the election and that promise is yet to be fulfilled.

In her own words as seen on AIT this afternoon…

“First and foremost, I think we haven’t reached the 35% and that’s a disappointment, a big one. I thought with all the hope renewal and renewed hope, I was expecting that we’d be getting about 35% minimum but what are we getting? 19%? In his cabinet where the president has the prerogative to pick whoever he wants to pick with all the promises he made to the women. Most of the women in the cabinet there are all highly qualified, there’s no doubt about that but the ratio is the issue. We are talking about 45 members of a cabinet and we have only 19% of women in there.”

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Watch the full interview here. Start from 10:39

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