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‘My wife threaten me, after I saw her with a bag of charms

Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State has listened to the evidence of a man, Ismai Adegoke which he gave against his wife, Tawakalitu  Adegoke whom he dragged to court for divorce.

Ismai in his evidence explained that his wife was rebellious, went out without his consent and returned home late without any genuine reason.

He added that he was the one taking care of the home and especially their children who would have gone to bed by the time she returned home.

According to Ismai,  Tawakalitu was troublesome and in the habit of fighting him and their  tenants whose respect she had lost.

Ismai further stated that his wife was diabolic and that he had since moved out their house and rented a room apartment since she vowed there would be no peace between them.

The plaintiff thus appealed to the court to end their marriage and rule that the defendant leave his house.

He also expressed readiness to shoulder the responsibility of their children’s upkeep, most especially their education.

Tawakalitu pleaded not liable to the charges brought against her.

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Ismai giving his testimony said, “My lord, Tawakalitu has proved to be uncontrollable since the outset of our marriage. She is stubborn and never listened to my counsel. She always rubbed shoulder with me in the home.

“We were living with my mother in the family house early in our marriage and we gave her no joy because Tawakalitu and I were always at loggerhead and this many times resulted in the two of us fighting.

“Tawakalitu extended her hostile nature to our neighbours who she regularly had misunderstanding with and constantly fought. Our compound as a result of this was always noisy.

“My mother, frustrated, advised that I should endeavour to complete my house and move in and this I did.

“I decided I would erect a shop in front of the house for my wife to run her hairdressing business, but she rejected my offer.

“Tawakalitu told me she was not an old woman and therefore can’t spend all her days in the house. She stated that she wanted a shop far from home so that

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she could exercise her body, interact with other people and be in the know of things happening in the society.

“I expressed my disapproval at her decision, but she was defiant. Tawakalitu went ahead to rent a shop on her own which was miles away from home.

“She abandoned her duty in the home and neglected me and our children after she started running her business.

“Tawakalitu would leave home as early as 7:00 am and would not return until 9:00 p.m.

“I took up the responsibility of running the home and most especially taking care of our children who would have slept before she returned.

“We argued and fought over her misbehaviour times without number, but she refused to change,” the plaintiff said.

He added that, “my wife is diabolic. I once searched her belongings and came across different kinds of charms in her bags.

“I called for my mother who came with her friend. They removed these charms from where she hid them and did away with them.

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“I challenged her when she got home that night and she was furious that we threw her charms away.

“Looking wild and fierce, she threatened to deal with me. She told me the battle line was drawn and vowed there would be no peace between us.

“Tawakalitu stood by her words. She ensured she made our home too hot for comfort.

“I eventually moved out of the house and rented a one-room apartment where I am staying presently.

“She held the key to our house and refused that I had access to it.

“I reported her to her parents who tried all they could to call her to order, but she refused to give heed to their advice.

“My lord, I am no longer interested in my marriage to my wife. I beg that you separate us and rule that she moves out of my house.

“I promise to be responsible to our children’s upkeep and give attention to their academic pursuit,” Ismai stated.

Ruling, the court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo adjourned the case for defense

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