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Wicked Woman Flees After Torturing 10-Year-Old Girl With Hot Knife & Pepper Over N100

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Photos of a 10-year-old girl with injuries on her back have gone viral after she fainted at a point of sale stand (POS).

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The little girl who is a housemaid was identified as Victory Oghenovo.

Victory reportedly lives with a woman identified as Evidence Eseoghene and worked as a POS operator for her at Adeba, Lakowe axis of Lekki.

On Friday, 8th April, Victory fainted at the POS stand and that attracted the attention of nearby residents and passersby.

They revived her and asked her what was wrong, she said her back was paining her.

So they opened her back and saw the burns. They asked her what happened to her and she said the previous day, Thursday, she took N100 from the POS transactions to feed herself.

She got puff puff and a zobo drink and when her aunt found out, she poured pepper into her eyes.

As if that’s not enough, she placed a hot knife on fire and burnt her back several times with it.

When she was asked about the other scars on her body, she said her aunt called one Alhaja who gave her those scars some months ago.

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They took her to Elemoro police station and also reported the issue to a non-governmental organization, Advocate for Children and Vulnerable People’s Network (ACVPN).

That same day, the police arrested the Alhaja, but the aunty already fled.

It was alleged that policemen at the Elemoro station were already compromising the case as the Alhaja was released because the police considered it an old case and because the woman claimed she was pregnant.

SIMILARLY, Nigerians are reacting to the horrific torture of a 12-year-old girl in Delta state.

The girl who is currently writhing in pain was assaulted by her aunt because she stole from her.

The incident happened on Saturday, March 19 in Isiokolo, Ethiope East council area of the state.

The 12-year-old girl identified as Igho, was tortured by her aunt for allegedly stealing garri and fish.

According to reports, they all live in a shared family compound, and on that fateful day, the woman identified as Mercy Oba noticed that her garri and fish were tampered with.

She angrily walked into the young girl’s room and saw the food items. She picked them and pounced on the girl and started to beat her up.

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The girl started to cry and her blind mother was pleading with her sister to stop the beatings.

She refused to stop beating the girl, instead

, she went ahead to put pepper and insert a stick into the girl’s vagina which damaged her hymen.

 A human rights activist, Kelvin Ejumudo got wind of the incident and rushed to the scene of the incident with his team.

They immediately rescued the girl and cruelty and the Delta State Police Command arrested the woman.

On interrogations, they realize that Mercy Oba is the sister to the blind woman, and the blind woman’s daughter, Igho, went to her room and took garri and fish.

When the aunt realized the theft, she went to meet her in the room and asked ‘why are you stealing my food? Igho said they (herself and mother) were hungry

Then she started beating the little girl.

“The blind mother managed to find her way down and pleaded for her to leave Igho, but she started to beat her too. The next thing, she carried the little girl to her room, put pepper in her private part, and drove a stick into her v*gina.”

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People came and were begging the woman but she was adamant, in fact she threw their load outside saying that they will no longer stay in the house. The next thing, she said she would kill them and nothing would happen.

“I got the distress call that she’s an Igbo woman, so she feels that her juju will protect her. She felt untouchable. We swung into action and got her arrested. She was detained in our presence and medical care was given to the girl and her blind mother,” Kelvin Ejumudo said.

According to him, the doctor reported that the girl’s hymen has been broken because of the force the auntie used in driving the stick into her private part.

The spokesperson of the command, DSP Bright Edafe, who confirmed the incident on Sunday, said the aunt is cooling off her feet in police custody.


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