Why I Returned My Certificate, Demanded Refund Of My School Fees – LAUTECH Graduate

Why I Returned My Certificate, Demanded Refund Of My School Fees – LAUTECH Graduate

A graduate of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Oludare Alaba has revealed why he returned his certificate and demanded a refund of all the fees he paid to the institution.

The graduate had returned his degree certificate to LAUTECH and demanded a refund on his degree tuition, citing that he was suffering due to unemployment……cONTINUE rEADING

In the video circulating on social media, the man could be seen with a brown file throwing tantrum before an official seated behind what appeared to be a reception counter.

The man, who was heard speaking in Yoruba, said he wants a refund of his school fees because he had been suffering since the time he graduated from LAUTECH and the certificate had not yielded him any financial gain since he acquired it.

“I’m suffering, refund my money.. I’m suffering, take your certificate, return my money,” the graduate was heard saying in the viral video.

In a follow-up interview video that surfaced on social media, Alaba said he had graduated from LAUTECH’s department of agricultural extension and rural development before 2016 but has since been jobless.

“I collected the certificate but it has been of no use to me. I’ve struggled with life but the only opportunity I’ve come across wanted me to get involved in money rituals,” he said in Yoruba.

“I can’t get involved in such things because I want to be able to help my family.

“I asked my father to help look for funds so I can do something. I’m a great entertainer. It got me multiple awards during my NYSC programme in 2016. But he said the money he borrowed to pay my tuition hadn’t been paid.

“He asked if I would also borrow money to bury their corpse if they pass away. I cried that day.”

Watch the video below:

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