Why I Refused To Give Mohbad’s Father My Son’s Placenta – Mohbad’s Wife

Omowunmi Aloba, wife of late singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba aka Mohbad has revealed why she refused to give the singer’s father, Aloba her son’s placenta.
According to her, her refusal to give her father-in-law her son’s placenta after birth caused a strain in their relationship.
Wunmi told the Lagos coroner’s inquest on Wednesday that her relationship with Mohbad’s father was strained because she refused to give him her son, Liam’s placenta.
According to her, she only supported Mohbad in this decision and it led to a series of arguments.
Wunmi also debunked Mohbad’s father’s claim that he saw a blood-soaked bucket in Mohbad’s room.
She insisted that the “blood” was from a minor cut and what was soaked up was water.

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