“We Plan To Separate Boys From Girls In Secondary Schools” – Bauchi Government Says

“We Plan To Separate Boys From Girls In Secondary Schools” – Bauchi Government Says

Bauchi State Commissioner for Education, on Friday revealed that the state has finalised plans to separate boys from girls in secondary schools.


Tilde stated this while addressing newsmen after the State Executive Council (SEC) meeting in Bauchi, he said that it would only be implemented whenever and wherever it was possible.>>>>>CONTINUE READING HERE>>>>>

He stated that this is to tackle the issue of moral decline, that is now rampant amongst secondary school students. According to him, private schools will comply and act accordingly by separating their students too .

He also said that, where it is not possible to separate them completely; sitting arrangements should be made that; each gender occupy just a part of the classroom.

In his word:

“The most important thing is that we don’t want to undo the progress that we have made in the past on girl-child education by allowing this trend to continue.

“We came up with an idea, let us extend that 1978 abrogation of core education policy to cover our Day secondary schools as well, wherever and whenever it is possible.

“Wherever it is possible, is talking about the geography and whenever is possible is talking about the distribution in time. That is, maybe it is possible tomorrow or not in terms of separating them completely.

Wherever is possible is where perhaps we have two day secondary schools within the same vicinity, we’ll allocate one to girls and the other to boys.”

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