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We don’t have any issues with all the companies in our community, NB PLC included – Ozo Onyebuchi Ani

Ozo Onyebuchi Ani

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business model that helps a company be socially accountable to itself, its stakeholders, and the public. Some analysts on the economy view Corporate Social Responsibility as a management concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders.

Described in a broad term as a company’s efforts to improve quality lives, CSR is undeniably not only important to companies, nonprofits and employees but also to the communities.

It is in view of the above that one of the leaders of Umuezani, the host community to Nigeria Brewery Ama, Ozo Onyebuchi Ani in an interview with our correspondence debunked news flying around online that the beverage company is not living up to it’s CRS.

Ozo Amujiogu had claimed that the community have not been benefitting from the corporate social responsibility of NB PLC which Ozo Onyebuchi Ani clearly described as “a lie from the pit of hell.”

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“I want to make it clear that Ozo Amujiogu is neither the spokesperson of Umuezani community, Ndi Ozo nor does he hold any position in the gathering of Ndi Ozo not to talk of holding the position of Traditional Prime Minister anywhere.

“His recent outburst is not unconnected with the decision of the brewery management to share some of the contracts that are meant for the community to other members of the host community which he has been in control for more than a decade”

On the issue of the CRS of the brewery to the host community, Ozo Onyebuchi stated NB PLC committed so many projects which are verifiable.

“We have ultra modern civic center, borehole, a town hall, street lights and so on are all verifiable projects built by the brewery.

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“So for someone to wake and start spewing all manner of lies is unfortunate,” he said.

Ozo Onyebuchi further stated that the brewery also built a modern fish farm which was handed over to the same Ozo Amujiogu for management which he said was “looted and vandalised by the same Ozo Amujiogu”.

The first annual N10 million scholarship to students from the community paid to the community was shared by indigenes of the community under the leadership of late Bona Agu and this made the brewery management to stop paying directly to the community and formed scholarship committee that handles it afterwards, Ozo Onyebuchi revealed.

Ozo Onyebuchi however said that the relationship between the host community and the brewery is cordial and peaceful.

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“We don’ts have any problems with all the companies in our including Nigeria Brewery.

“Ozo Amujiogu is just trying to seek unnecessary attention and urge all to disregard whatever he said as those things are fake and untrue”.

Ozo Onyebuchi finally stated that there is always room for more projects to be attracted to the community from the brewery but it will done through dialogue and negotiations.

He equally appealed to the brewery management to do more in the area of empowerment.

He further revealed that the Ndi Ozo Ngwo, the umbrella body that unites all the Ozo title holders in Ngwo will pay a courtesy visit to the brewery management soon.


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