We Are Ready To Take Over Power In 2023, Labour Party Boasts

We Are Ready To Take Over Power In 2023, Labour Party Boasts

Labour Party has declared that it would leverage on the widespread support from Nigerians to win the 2023 general election.

Labour Party has declared that it would leverage on the widespread support from Nigerians to win the 2023 general election.

The declaration was contained in communiqué released by the leadership of the party after a two-day national leadership retreat in Abuja titled ‘Nigeria at a Crossroads: Labour Party as the Only Credible Option for National Salvation’.

The party disclosed that crucial national issues were discussed at the retreat and resolutions duly passed, adding that it was determined to join hands with supporters to take over political power in Nigeria……..Continue Reading

To build more confidence in its supporters, it disclosed that it has set up a committee to draft the party’s policy document that would be made public in two weeks, revealing that the committee was also requested to set up a presidential campaign planning and strategy committee for next year’s general election.

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The communiqué read: “That Labour Party leaders and stakeholders shall be active in the process of rescuing Nigeria from the ruling cartel in APC and PDP, who are holding the country hostage, by pushing a new message of hope and national prosperity that will forever change how politics is played in Nigeria.

“That Labour Party shall enthrone a government that is egalitarian and inclusive, which will make Chapter 2 of the Nigerian Constitution justiceable, as against the current regime of nepotism and irresponsibility.

“That Labour Party shall make the Nigerian Workers’ Charter of Demands the driving agenda of the Labour Party Campaign for the 2023 elections, which will be implemented by Labour Party government on short, medium and long term bases, to redefine Nigeria and put it on the path of positive development.

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“That Labour Party Government shall invest in human capital development, especially the country’s teaming youth populace through effective and functioning quality education by ensuring the revival of Nigeria’s decadent education sector.

“That Labour Party Government shall put strategies in place towards the implementation of the directive principle of the Nigerian State in advancing the economic prosperity of Nigerians towards political cohesion and national security in the light of the insecurity and sharp division in Nigeria.

“That the Labour Party will engage major challenges confronting Nigeria and ensure that it proposes alternatives that will promote national integration and enhancement of citizens’ rights and eliminate all forms of discriminatory issues, such as state of origin and tribes, and prevent identity politics.

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“That Labour Party shall be very purposeful about power generation, industrialisation and economic diversification through skills and human capital development.”

Other resolutions include: “That Labour Party shall commit to comprehensive military reform, state and other security architectural reforms that will ensure effective internal security and stability of Nigeria.

“That the Labour Party shall mobilise all Nigerians to defeat ethnic politics and religious politics and usher in a new Nigeria devoid of primordial sentiments, manipulation and exploitation of the current rulers of the country.

“That Labour Party shall consciously coordinate and provide the needed leadership the growing mass movement around the Party and its presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi and his Vice-Presidential Candidate, Dr. Yusuf Baba-Ahmed, and shall ensure that this historic momentum is sustained into the 2023 Ballots’ Revolution of the Nigerian people.

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