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“I Watched My Husband Chop Another Lady Inside Our Bedroom”– Lady Narrates Her Sad Story

A lady named Elizabeth Wanjiku from South Africa describes in excruciating detail how her husband beat her and then tied her up on their bed with a rope. She claimed that later on, he made her watch him has s£x with his lover.

Elizabeth was the only child of her mother, – a single mom. Her mother passed away after a brief battle with an illness when she was just a little bit older, leaving her in the care of a close friend. She reported that her life was difficult, that she was mistreated, and that she was denied the opportunity to go to school.

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She started working as a housekeeper when she was seventeen years old for the woman who had been taking care of her up until that point. She was thrilled about her work because she knew that it would provide her with sufficient food and a better place to sleep than where she had been before.

After a period of four months, she had the opportunity to meet a man who worked in the same building as a security guard, and that they subsequently began dating. Elizabeth became pregnant within the span of a single month. She made an effort to conceal it, but when her employer discovered her condition, she was asked to resign her position.Read More Here

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