Watch the priceless reaction of these kids when they saw Lionel Messi (Video)

Watch the priceless reaction of these kids when they saw Lionel Messi (Video)

Lionel Messi isn’t just one of the greatest sportspeople to have ever lived, he’s also one of the most recognisable human beings on the planet..

You can’t just have 257 million followers on Instagram and simply be known within the footballing community, no, Messi is a global celebrity who’d be recognised in the street by people who had never watched a game of his in their life…….Continue Reading

As such, it’s fair to say that there have been some rather remarkable reactions from people who have gotten the chance to meet the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner before.

However, even the most excitable amongst us would probably struggle to compete with the truly uplifting reaction of a group of Champions League mascots ahead of Maccabi Haifa vs Paris Saint-Germain this week.

As the PSG players finished lining up at the Sammy Ofer Stadium for all the pre-match festivities, a few of the children walking out with their heroes just couldn’t miss the opportunity to spend time with Messi.

In truly precious footage, the kids can be seen visibly starstruck at the sight of the Argentine icon and gradually break their formation one by one in order to give him a hug.

By the time that he’s about to stand up straight next to Marco Verratti, the 35-year-old practically had half of the game’s mascots hanging onto him.

As you’d expect, Messi was a typically good sport about the whole thing and was sure to give the mascots a friendly hug in return, so go on, lighten up your day by watching the heartwarming clip of it all unfolding down below:

The reaction of the kids when they saw Lionel Messi. ?

— Roy Nemer (@RoyNemer) September 14, 2022


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