Video of A Worker Murdering His Employer in Cold Blood

Video of A Worker Murdering His Employer in Cold Blood

Residents of Murang’a county were left shocked after a 70 year old man identified as Paul Kamau was murdered in cold blood by his employee.

CCTV cameras captured the suspect and the deceased getting into the kitchen. The suspect then locked the door and got out with a panga minutes later. He then washed his hands and got out of the house through the main door.

A postmoterm examination indicated that Paul was cut using a Panga six times and strangled to death………….Continue Reading


Paul’s wife Wawira revealed that the suspect was hardworking and lived at peace with everyone. They do not know why he decided to kill his boss in cold blood.

Residents and leaders have condemned the inhumane act. Such cases have been on the rise in the recent past.

Hellen Wakuria, a resident urged employees to live at peace with their employers to avoid such incidents from occuring. She also advised employers to investigate the backgrounds of people that they want to hire in their homes.

Police officers are still hunting for the suspect who is in hiding.

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