Veteran Nollywood Actress Ngozi Ezeonu Caught Cheating On Her Husband |

Veteran Nollywood Actress Ngozi Ezeonu Caught Cheating On Her Husband

Edwin Ezeonu, the ex-husband of Nollywood actress Ngozi Ezeonu has accused her of marrying off their daughter without his consent.

He also warned the actress to stop using his name since they are now divorced.

Edwin in an interview with newsmen accused his ex-wife of trampling on his right and honour as a man, describing his daughter’s traditional wedding in Delta State as an abomination as he was kept in the dark throughout the whole process.

The aggrieved ex-husband of the Nollywood actress said; “I’m a real son of the soil in Igboland, and I am knowledgeable enough about Igbo traditional marriage.

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“In Anambra State where I come from, a woman does not and has no right whatsoever to give out a fellow woman’s hand in marriage. It is abomination and taboo. As such, Ngozi Denis Ikpelue has no legitimate right and authority to give out my daughter, Ogechukwu’s hand in marriage. As long as I am concerned and also the entire family of Ezeonu and his kindred are concerned, Ogechukwu is not married.

“What happened in Asaba, Delta State on February 15, 2020 was a movie shoot!” he added.

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Recalling how his marriage to Ngozi Ezeonu crashed in 2013, Edwin said; “I came back home one day from work and met an empty house, without any prior notice. As I got home that fateful day, my landlady told me that Ngozi had packed out of the house, taking the children along with her.

“Few weeks before that, I had insinuated that she was putting up a new apartment. I summoned her and warned her against dividing the family. she never listened.

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“I gave Ngozi all the supports and encouragement she needed to boost her as a seasoned actress, yet she never valued all my efforts. She also never contributed a dime to the upkeep of the house and wellbeing of the children.

Even after they left, I still catered for my kids: school fees, foodstuff and all. I’m devastated that my only daughter would do this to me. Ngozi should also desist from using my surname. We are divorced,” he said.

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