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Unveiling BBO2’s ‘Eyes Dey Red’

By G9ija

One does not need the gift of a clairvoyant or the crystal ball to predict where the musical journey of Nigerian-American musician, song writer, record label executive and business mogul, Jesse Adesotu Woghiren-Obamedo is headed.

With the quality of works he has released so far, Woghiren-Obamedo popularly known as The BB02 is destined for the stars. And sooner rather than later, this gifted musician, a scion of the revered Benin Royal family will join the exclusive club of icons.

Every one of his works is a masterpiece; “Tnkotb, Winter Vibes, Oyoyo, Feeling What I Feel and Zinga, Zinga Ling” all carry the insignia of creativity at its dizzying height.

But his latest single “Eyes Dey Red” which was released in August, under his Bigmanity Record label is in a class of its own. Immediately the song was released, the internet was agog with music lovers scrambling to have a feel of the latest work of the gifted artist. In just over a week, the music had garnered over a million streams.

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BB02 is not the run-of-the- mill musician who is in the business of music solely for the pecuniary benefit of achieving fame and fortune. Rather, he deploys music as a weapon to confront the ills of society, speak truth to power and be the voice of the voiceless.

‘Eyes Dey Red’, his current single, is a classic example. In the song, he joins the raging political conversation in Nigeria as the citizens gird their loins for the make or mar upcoming 2023 General elections.

BB02 who migrated to the United States of America three decades ago, like many of his compatriots both at home and in the Diaspora is angry, bitter and frustrated at the colossal failure of the ruling class over the years.

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In a telephone interview, he spoke of his pain. “When I left Nigeria for the United States of America in 1990, my intention was to study, return and contribute my quota to national development.

“But thirty years later, the politicians have ruined the nation. There is insecurity everywhere, poverty everywhere, and corruption everywhere. There is complete collapse of governance and right now the soul of Nigeria is yearning for freedom”

He admonished Nigerians to make the right choice during the 2023 General elections so that the country could take her rightful place in the comity of nations.

The song, in three minutes, gives vent to the three decades of pent-up pain and anguish of not just BB02 but over 100 million impoverished Nigerians.

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In Eyes Dey Red, BB02’s creativity as a songwriter, composer, arranger and vocalist was at its optimal level; the uncanny way he weaved the lyrics to create the harmonious rhyme and rhythm makes the music a piece of enchanting work.

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