How Father’s Days was celebrated |

How Father’s Days was celebrated


Nobody Cares For You as a Father
Without a doubt, being a father is the hardest job in the world. You devote the remainder of your life to providing for those who rely on you. Males who make women pregnant are not considered fathers; instead, they are Sp3rm Distributors. The father is the ship’s captain and must ensure that everyone is doing okay. I won’t bore you with a list of a father’s job duties. The most undervalued worker in the universe continues to be the father. Because his sacrifices are seen as “being a father’s job to do,” he is not given enough credit for them. Even as they become older, children still “love my Mom more than my Dad.”

Who is a Father?
F – Family Oriented Mindset

A- Aglity in Behaviour

T- Transformer

H- Highly Passionate

E- Energetic in Nature

R- Responding not reacting to problems

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                                       A Young father Carrying His family

The 3 Dispensation Stages Of Power in the Family.

There are 3 Stages Of Dispensations of Power in the Family-

The First is The Early Family Life Stage Where the father is in-Charge. The father is expected to maintain discipline in the home and to do this he needs a bit of/combination of “Soft and Iron Hands”. The Mother will report the child to the Father, the Father (as expected) will spank/punish the child thereafter the child runs to the Mother for Solace. This is the Beginning of Children growing to fear him more than they love him. No father Likes it.

                                         A Father Scolding His Son

The Second Dispensation Starts when the children have grown. The Power shifts to the mother. Fathers don’t see it coming. The Children have become visibly closer to the Mother (probably they perceived the mother to be more accommodating) they are care more for her. Most Fathers Hate this because when they were in-charge they got busy with the business of providing. Rarely Bonded With the children. They spent more time growing with their mother. They also see the mother as a co-victim of the father’s “tyranny”.

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She is the first to know what’s happening with the children and Maximizes the Opportunity. She Gets to visit them More (Especially for babysitting) and She gets spoilt with gifts. The father is Made to Crave (in Silence) some bond with the children.

The Mother doesn’t rely much on the father for her needs at this stage so attention shifts from her husband to her children. She also becomes less likely to tolerate his lordship.


The Third Dispensation- Power has shifted to the children. They are self-sufficient, live on their own & have families. Many Years of perceived joint-victimhood will come to fruition here. Woe betides the father if his finances are precarious at this stage. Father will be humbled by force. The gang-up is Not Hidden. Most men fall Sick and eventually develop different complications.

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Note to Fathers

While the Power Lies With You Wield it with Posterity-It won’t be with you forever.

Treat Your wife Right so she will reciprocate when power shifts to her

Hustle in your Youth so that you Can Secure Your old Age Financially-It Will Help You Spilt Power(if not Retain it Indefinitely) when your turn elapse.

Teach Your Children (by Showing them) How you want to be cared for when you are Old- Care for your father/Father-in-law.

Happy Father’s Day to all Mothers performing the Role of Fathers- STOP INCITING CHILDREN AGAINST THEIR FATHERS

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