Two Men Caught While Bringing Human Skull Out Of A Bush, SEE HOW

Two Men Caught While Bringing Human Skull Out Of A Bush, SEE HOW

According to reports, the suspects were apprehended as they attempted to remove the skulls from a bush in the Agunpopo hamlet.

It was revealed that Amotekun’ s surveillance team had previously seen the men going into the bushes before leaving with a cellophane bag……..Continue Reading

It was gathered that this led to the placement of spies in the area.

The suspects reportedly arrived in the area at around 6: 30 a. m. on Thursday, and when questioned by locals, they provided a flimsy explanation for why they were there.

It was gathered that the merchants utilized the bushy area as a repository for human skulls, visiting it whenever a customer required such a commodity.

Despite pleas from the Amotekun agents, the mob of what was estimated to be around a thousand people attacked the suspects with cutlasses, stones, and sticks.

The mob had to be calmed down before the suspects could be safely transported and held in jail, and this was accomplished through a joint effort of the Agro Rangers of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) and the Amotekun operatives.

Maruf, one of the suspects, admitted in his confession that the person who supplied the skulls to them was named Dauda. According to an interview he gave to Saturday Tribune, he paid N30, 000 for the two skulls and intended to utilize them in financial rituals.

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