‘Two Ex-Governors, Gumi Under Surveillance Over Alleged Involvement In Terrorism’

‘Two Ex-Governors, Gumi Under Surveillance Over Alleged Involvement In Terrorism’

Security agencies have placed surveillance on controversial Islamic cleric, Ahmed Gumi and two former governors over their alleged involvement in terrorism

A source that spoke with Sunday Sun on activities of terrorists in the country said that one of the former governors is from the Northeast states and the other one from Southeast states.

According to the source, these persons have continued to play a great role in terrorism, banditry, kidnapping and other violent crimes in the country……..Continue Reading

However, despite the efforts of security agencies to fight terrorism in the country, there are claims that some security operatives are aiding the activities of these criminals.

An investigation has it that some of the security operatives found wanting have been arrested, as they have made a useful confession to the investigating officers handling their matters.

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Further report has it that some security agencies were involved in the payment of ransom, while security operatives also provide security for the negotiators without the knowledge of their superiors.

It was gathered that several efforts to attack bandits and release hostages were leaked which saw the criminals either relocate to safe places or lay ambush for the security forces on their trail.

The source who spoke on condition of anonymity said that while the authorities in the military and other security agencies were working hard to restore peace in the country, some others were busy jeopardizing such efforts.

According to the source, “People are no longer bothered about integrity because of money. All they are after is money, money, money at the risk of slaughtering their colleagues.

“And what do they do with the money? Buy houses, buy plots of land, cars and all of that forgetting that innocent people are being killed, leaving behind their wives, children, parents, brothers and sisters to suffer.”

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The source added that a good number of these compromising security operatives in the military and the security agencies have been arrested and undergoing interrogation.

According to the source, their revelations have implicated some very high personalities who would be arrested any moment from now.

The source added, “Nigerians would be shocked by the time we start to pick these people up and make their identities public.

“The reason they are doing these is to disrupt a smooth election next year. Before now, they succeeded in painting the military black as being incapable of tackling the security challenges in the country before the presidency and even penetrated the Armed Forces, causing bad blood among personnel.

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“But I can assure you that all that is now a thing of the past because light cannot overshadow darkness. If you notice the Service Chiefs have been cautioning their troops to stay away from politics because this is what they are using to lure personnel and give the military a bad name.

“As we speak, the military operation in collaboration with the various security agencies is beginning to yield positive results which is also why the incessant cases of kidnapping, terrorist attack and banditry are reducing seriously.

“With the synergy between the military, police and security agencies, we are winning the war because we have talked to our personnel not to allow these evil perpetrators to deceive us and make us discriminate amongst ourselves. It will no longer work.”

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