Twin Brothers Who Made First Class Honours Share Their Stories |

Twin Brothers Who Made First Class Honours Share Their Stories

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Taiwo and Kehinde Abiodun are both 21-years-old and very identical in appearance and other features share their story of how they both made first-class degrees from Covenant University.

Kehinde studied accounting and the best from the college of Business and Social Sciences with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 4.93.

Taiwo studied economics and came out with a CGPA of 4.86.

People do not differentiate them as they asked which of them when only one of them is seen.

Kehinde disclosed that they both aimed to be top of their department and not just graduate with a first-class. It was a joint decision. He believed that his achievement was the grace of God in addition to reading at night and planning for each day.

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Taiwo said they talked about them coming top of their departments but it was not easy but not that difficult. Sacrifice and dedication are key to achieving that. I had the plan right from my childhood to have first-class and which I trusted God and that I achieved as I had the right people around me who were encouraging.

Kehinde said it was his choice to study accounting while Taiye wanted to study law initially, but then he realized that he has great interests in the stock market.

The accountant graduate said his twin motivated him to read especially when Taiye was reading and he was not. I had no choice but to read. They did not see themselves as competitors and it was a healthy relationship as twin brothers. Their goals most especially their career own were achieved by the motivation they give each other.

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Taiye succumbed to what his twin said as they try to be a source of motivation for each other. It would have felt award if they were not in some school but that does not stop them from having excellent results.

The twins acknowledge that their parents and other four siblings were supportive and of help to them.

The duo disclosed that while they were growing if one falls sick, the other one will follow suit. As they entered the university, Taiye was sick but Kehinde was not.

Kehinde advises students to stay close to God and have faith coupled with diligence. Procrastination should not be entertained and also build a network. And finally, believe in themselves.

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Discipline is key, delay gratification, work hard, be dedicated, and have study partner (s).

They both aspire to work in a big firm.

Taiye and Kehinde said each of them would be sad if one of them did not make first class.

They will want to serve in the same state during their National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).



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