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Tukur Mamu, The Herdsmen Kidnap Negotiator Arrested By Interpol In Egypt And Handed To DSS

Tukur Mamu, The Herdsmen Kidnap Negotiator Arrested By Interpol In Egypt And Handed To DSS

This is Tukur Mamu.

He is the publisher of the Desert Herald, a newspaper outfit based in Kadunna.

He was arrested by Interpol a few days ago at Cairo airport on his way to Saudi Arabia and deported back to Nigeria, where he was picked up by DSS on arrival……Continue Reading

Now, here is why Tukur was picked up.

The influential Islamic cleric has access to Fulani herdsmen and the terrorists terrorizing North West Nigeria.

He is very close to Sheik Gumi and was more or less a protege of Gumi, who also has access to the same terrorists and has been pleading on their behalf that the government of the day should grant them amnesty.

Because of the access that Tukur had, he turned it into a business where he became the chief negotiator and the go-between between the victims kidnapped and the terrorists who kidnapped them.

So when a victim is kidnapped in Kaduna or Zamfara, for instance, the family of the kidnapped victim will go to meet Tukur, who has access to the terrorists.

Tukur would now get in touch with the terrorists on behalf of the family that contacted him and then negotiate on behalf of the victim being held by the terrorists.

When the price to pay as ransom was agreed upon between Tukur and the terrorists, Tukur would contact the family and then inform them how much they would pay to secure the release of their loved ones being held captive by terrorists.

When the money had been raised by the grieving and traumatized family, Tukur would collect his share, the commission for negotiating the release, and then hand over the rest to the terrorists to release this victim.

A win/win situation for the both parties.

Business was flourishing as the terrorists were kidnapping victims every day.

Remember the Kaduna train attack?

Tukur negotiated the release of all the victims; they were released so long after they allegedly paid 100 million naira per head.

Only God knows how much commission he made from the deal.

The same man brought his negotiating skills forward when Greenfriend university students and staff in Kaduna were kidnapped by bandits.

He facilitated the release of the students and staff of the university after negotiating how much they would pay for their release.

Tukur is so hilarious and dishonest that after cashing out from negotiations and then subsequent release of victims that he facilitated, he would appear on Arise TV and swear that he was doing this thankless work for free, without taking kobo from anyone, because he loved this country so much.

For Tukur Mamu, having access to Fulani herdsmen made him a billionaire over night.

Man was living large, a life of opulence that he could not afford to live when he was running his media publishing business full time.

He even flew first class with his family to Cairo on their way to Saudi Arabia for Haji before they were picked up by interpol.

When they raided the house a few days ago, the DSS confirmed that they saw a large amount of foreign currency in it.

Apparently, he was saving his loot in dollars by hedging against inflation and the devaluation of Naira: What a smart business man that he is.

The Buhari government made a lot of people rich over night because of his incompetence.

Tukur Mamu is one of them.


A country where anything you see, you take it like that.

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