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A True Life Story: Sleeping With My Half Twin Sisters Plotted By My Step Dad (MUST READ)

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I lived in a house with step Dad, half twins Sisters and my Aunty assisting in taking care of us. There was seven years gap between I and my half twins sisters which I was 11 or 12 years as at then. My Aunty was learning tailoring and she goes to work early after dropping us in school. We return back home on our own and stay home together till every one returns home in the evening. Mum was in another state working as a public servant.

That faithful day, step Dad returned home early, he ask me to help call a Carpenter living in three street away. On arriving home, I was asked to kneel down and my two sisters were called upon to say what I always did to them when we were alone at home.

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They both said the same thing. *”Brother, use to remove their pant and sleep with them”*

Hearing that, my heart broke into pieces with tears sliding down. I tried to say, that’s a big lie, I was shut up and got beaten severely, I carried the stigma of sleeping with my blood sisters for months and in tears everyday, causing them that God if I actually did this let your rot fall on me but I have not let my sisters not have children in future. I was always filled with tears and I live in fear as at then. I was depressed as a child that I even plan of commiting suicide but I never knew how to go about. Any time the show rape case on crime fighters, I will be called upon to come and watch that those are my brothers in crime.

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When Mum came home she was informed. Mum maltreated me to the point that she spitted on me and swear that she regret having me as a son. Not to talk of trying to strangled me to death. Mum even asked me to fast and plead my step Dad for forgiveness, which I did.

After some months, It happens that I and mum travel to the village for her father’s burial (my grand Pa). After the burial, I refuse to return back with my Mum. I visited my Dad and told him that I won’t be returninh with my Mum again. Mum and brothers try all possible means to hijack me from my father’s house back to Lagos and all was in vain. I remain with Dad and life was not conducive enough for me because of my step mum.

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After a year Mum start contacting me and beg me to come back to Lagos which I did.

Getting back there, during the argument between step Dad and Mum, I over heard mum saying that Step Dad is a wicked man that he can lead someone to death, though I never understand what that means, as days passes by, my sisters told me that they confess the truth that it was a lie. I can remember when I use to tell them to go and tell their father the truth and they will go and told him,

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*”Daddy, brother said we should come and tell you the truth”*

Their father will shout at them and asked them to get out of his site.

But untill now Mum or step Dad never walk up to me and said they are sorry or to tell me that the whole scenario was false.

It was all plotted by step Dad, putting words in my twins sisters mouth and threatening them to confess that or they will be dealt with.

The whole thing was that my sisters were manipulated by their father since they were very little.

Considering he is still bitter with what happen to him at his tender age,what advice can you give to him???

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