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He Tried To Bribe Me, Wife Of Slain MBA Student Alleges

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Mrs. Bolatito Adegoke, the widow of the dead OAU MBA student, has detailed how her husband was gruesomely murdered, as well as the attempt to cover up the crime and cover up the investigation.

According to the Tribune, she recounted what happened before the body of her late husband was discovered by the police while speaking to BBC Yoruba, according to the newspaper.

She revealed that her husband had previously stayed at the hotel where the incident took place, and that this was not the first time. According to Mrs. Adegoke, they were able to track down the hotel since they had receipts from her husband’ s past stays at the establishment.

After arriving at the hotel to inquire about her husband’ s whereabouts, she claims that the staff there flatly denied that he had been staying at the establishment. Later, after it was established that the money her husband had paid for the hotel accommodations had been received by a female member of the Hilton Hotels and Resorts staff, they confessed that he had stayed at the hotel.

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She went on to say that it was the confession of the hotel personnel that resulted in the arrest of the suspects as well as the hotel’ s owner. They later admitted that he was deceased and led the police to the location where his bones were interred.

In an interview with the reporter, Mrs. Adegoke stated that attempts had been made to cover up the suspects’ arrests since their detentions. She claimed that the hotel’ s owner, Dr Ramon Adedoyin, had sent an agent to their lawyer, offering to pay any sum to put the dispute to rest completely. The lawyer, on the other hand, refused to accept the offer, stating that the issue should not be pushed under the rug.

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The owner of the hotel sent an emissary to our lawyer, stating that he was willing to pay whatever amount of money it took in order for the case to be finally resolved. However, the lawyer rejected it, stating that ” no amount of money can compensate for the loss of my husband’ s life, ” who was gruesomely killed, as she put it in her statement.

She stated that all she wanted was for justice to be served on her husband. She appealed to the authorities to come to their help in order to ensure that justice is served, she said.

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Several reports claim that Timothy Oluwadare Adegoke visited Ife on October 22nd and 24th, as well as on October 29th and 31st, according to the Sahara Reporters. Additionally, he had planned to stay from November 5th to November 7th, 2021, prior to his disappearance.


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