Tinubu: If Nigeria Collapses, you will be held accountable – Father Ejike Mbaka speaks

Reverend Fr. Ejike Mbaka recently conveyed a stern message to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, asserting that he would bear the responsibility if Nigeria were to falter during his tenure. This message was shared through a video uploaded on the official YouTube channel of his church.

Within the video, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka voiced his concerns, underlining Nigeria’s potential to rise as a prominent nation. He highlighted that by effectively harnessing the nation’s solid mineral resources, a significant reduction in youth unemployment could be achieved. Furthermore, he drew attention to the fact that several nations with fewer resources have achieved remarkable prosperity.

In explicit terms, he conveyed, “Should Nigeria face failure, Mr. President, the burden will rest on your shoulders. We are uninterested in identifying the Minister; you are the Lion. You can either be the Lion or the Sheep.” This message directed towards President Tinubu serves as a call to prompt action, urging him to adopt effective strategies to guide the nation towards advancement and progress. The clergyman accentuated that the obligation to steer the country in the right direction firmly lies with the president.

In elaborating his rationale, Fr. Ejike Mbaka expounded, “Nigeria possesses all the necessary elements to thrive. With optimal utilization of our solid mineral reserves, unemployment among the youth would cease to exist. I refrain from even discussing the realm of oil and gas. Numerous countries in the world without access to oil, let alone gas, have achieved immense wealth. Our President has no justification to fall short this time.”

Please watch the video below:


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