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TINUBU, BELLO, ATIKU, OSINBAJO Should Relax, No Election In 2023 As IGP, AGF, Others RECEIVED Deadly Warning

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The possibility that the 2023 general elections in Nigeria will hold has become a course of concern because of some unexpected things happening presently in the country.

Looking at the increase in security challenges and the way the country’ s economy is degenerating on daily basis, one may assume that conducting a general election in the country might be so disastrous.

God says No Election In 2023- video

Some prominent clergymen, groups, elders statesmen, others have warned the government of President Muhammadu Buhari that if some action is not taken to restructure Nigeria, the 2023 election will not take place in any part of the country.

Clergyman, Apostle Paul Revealed Some Event That Will Hinder 2023 General Election In Nigeria

Following the announcement by Apostle Paul Okikijesu of the Christ Apostolic Miracle Ministry that Nigeria will not hold a general election in 2023, the world has taken notice.

Nigeria will require ” supervision and serious prayers” during this period, he said in a statement made available to DAILY POST on Friday. ” These are the mysterious events that will occur that will prevent the 2022/2023 elections from taking place, ” he said in a statement made available to the newspaper.

The Daily Post reports that Okikijesu also stated that the issue of Senate members requires supervision and prayers, in addition to his other comments.

He stated that the Minister of Defence, the Attorney- General of the Federation, and the Inspector- General of Police all need to pray for their respective positions.

Among those who are facing a difficult and critical period are the Minister of Defence, the Attorney General, and the Inspector General of Police, according to the minister’ s remarks:

The Minister of Defence, the Attorney General, and the Inspector General of Police have all received messages from him this year, reminding them to be prayerful because the spiritual vehicle of Nigeria is currently bowing its head.

To prevent people from coercing or pushing them in a way that can destroy the future of their children, the Minister of Defense, the Attorney General, and the Inspector General of Police must refuse to allow this to happen.

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” They should be truthful in all of their dealings. They should not ignore the messages that are being sent to them. The devil is stalking and plotting to destabilize the government of these people, as well as to demolish the fruits of their labor, during this period. According to the Lord God of hosts, they should be forthright.

” A great looming crisis will burst in regards to the political aspirants who are running for the President of Nigeria in the 2022/2023 Election.

” Some aspirants will make a valiant effort to obtain the position, but their efforts will be in vain. Some aspirants will be out for one another’ s lives, while death will prevent some aspirants from surviving this year 2021 in some cases.

” Unless the political aspirants yield and rectify their ways, there will be no election in 2022; the upcoming election will not take place. All those who are predicting that an election will

take place in 2023 are deluding themselves” , his statement read.

NADECO Warn That 2023 Election Will Not Hold If This Is Not Done

It has been declared by the National Democratic Coalition NADECO that elections in Nigeria will not take place until the country has been ” repaired, reorganized, and its basis reinforced or completely redone. “

This was mentioned in a press statement given to SaharaReporters by the NADECO chapter in the United States, which noted that Nigeria’ s restructuring is not only a question of political parlor conversation but rather a necessity for survival.

Dr. Lloyd Ukwu, the Executive Director of NADECO, stated in a press statement signed by him that the present events and talks originating from Aso Rock and the All Progressives Congress about the 2023 Presidential Elections were merely a distraction.

Statement Issued By NADECO USA;

NADECO USA forewarns that the only option for Nigeria to live intact is for the country to be repaired first, before the 2023 Presidential Elections

NADECO (USA) reiterates its view that elections cannot and should not be held in Nigeria until the country’ s infrastructure has been repaired, mended, and reformed, and its foundation has been strengthened or completely reconstructed.

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NADECO (USA) has reached this conclusion after much deliberation and discussion for a variety of reasons, the most important of which are as follows: According to the APC and Buhari administration, the 2023 elections are being utilized as a ruse and intentional distraction to derail discussions about restructuring Nigeria. For two, the elections of 2023 have been meticulously planned to serve as a major tantalizer to keep the ” slaves quiet on the Plantation” .

NADECO (USA) feels that the data shows that the APC will approach the people of the South- West with the message that if they ” behave themselves” and act as ” good boys, ” the Presidency may be theirs. It is then that the South- West would be handed a list of expectations predicated on the notion that the Yoruba must be whipped into line and submission before the self- proclaimed ” King Makers” will even consider electing a Yoruba as the next President, the first Yoruba to hold the position since Obasanjo.

NADECO (USA) observes that the same tantalizer will be dangled in front of the South- East with the same story and will require the same ” good behavior” from the Igbo cluster in the following months. It is expected that an Igbo would be installed in Aso Rock for the first time in history, as well as the first Igbo to be appointed as Head of State since Azikiwe 55 years ago.

All of these scenarios are politically constructed myths that have been crafted and engineered to stoke a political fire in the South and prevent the crabs from helping one another out of the pot. Yorubas will fight Igbos, and the Igbos will fight back against Yorubas. It is expected that the Niger Delta zone will respond in kind or with greater ferocity as a result of bottled- up anger and frustration at the daily räpe of their land, their youth, and their oil reserves by the Northern


Afenifere Group Says Without A New Constitution In Nigeria, There Will Be No Election In 2023

As reported by Ripples Nigeria, the country’ s apex pan- Yoruba socio- cultural group, Afenifere, has stated that there will be no election in 2023 in the absence of a new Constitution for the country.

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In a statement issued by its leader, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, at the group’ s monthly meeting, held at his residence in Sanya- Ogbo, Ijebu- Ode, Ogun State, the Afenifere said its leaders have resolved to preach the message of ” no new Constitution, no 2023 election” to all Yoruba people in the country.

Adebanjo, who presided over the gathering, stated that it would be a waste of time for Yoruba people to participate in the upcoming election while the 1999 Constitution is still in effect, according to the report.

In response to a question about the group’ s decision on the upcoming election, Adebanjo stated that he and other Afenifere leaders have decided that the Constitution must be reviewed before the election can take place.

” I don’ t believe in the election as Afenifere’ s leader, and some of my members here don’ t believe either; I don’ t believe in that election, and I’ ve told my members that if they refuse to participate, that’ s fine; after all, what do elections serve? ” Chief Adebanjo reaffirmed his position.

” Our position is that the Constitution is not our own; the election is taking place under that fraudulent Constitution; they have stated that they will go to the assembly to modify the Constitution; the assembly is the product of the scam. You want the fraud’ s beneficiary to make changes to the fraud; who are you speaking with about this? Here is a man who has gone out in the open and proclaimed that you can say whatever you want, ” he added.

No Election In Nigeria In 2023- video


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