Things You Should Not Discuss With Third Party

Things You Should Not Discuss With Third Party

Regarding this topic; we shall take a look at some personal things you should not discuss with Third Party.

1. Your past mistakes.

This could be something that you did in the past which you are not proud of, something that may likely destroy your image and reputation if the public gets notice of it. It is therefore, not advisable to reveal such delicate informations about yourself to people as they may betray you in the future. When faced with the weight of guilt and you are in need of someone to confide in then you should speak with like your parents, pastor, mentor or a professional counselor……..Continue Reading




2. Your business secret.

Most people have experienced lots of demeaning and heart breaking betrayals in this area. As a business man or woman, there are certain secrets which is known only to you and which gives you certain leverage over other business partners, it is therefore advised that you keep such informations secret to avoid being betrayed. These informations may include; locations of goods purchase, business strategies, connections with big manufacturers, etc.

3. Your relationship issues.

Telling people about your relationship issues will certainly lead to betrayal or caricature. It is therefore advised that you should not discuss issues that pertain to your relationship or your partner’s vulnerability to people. Try as much as possible to resolve your issues quietly and amongst yourselves without a third party.

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