'The President Underrated The Challenges That He's Going To Face In Formation Of His Cabinet' – Jide Ojo

A Political Analyst, Jide Ojo has alleged that President Bola Tinubu underrated the challenges he’s going to face in the formation of his cabinet. He said in an interview with Channels TV that the expectation was high that the President will stick to his promise of hitting the ground running. He further argued that the communication of the 45 ministers list has been sent to the President since last week. 

He said, ”The President said we should not pity him that he asked for the job and he was going to hit the ground running. Again, I’m disappointed that about 70 days after inauguration he has not formed his cabinet. In fact, the expectation was that after having 45 of his nominees confirmed by the Senate last week. 

And we have it on good authority that there has been a communication of the number of the 45 people to him as a Wednesday last week. What then is holding back the inauguration? It seems like the President underrated the anonymity of the challenges that he’s going to face in the formation of his cabinet.”

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