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The Combination Of These Two Herbs Can Open The Gateway To Your Success

The Combination Of These Two Herbs Can Open The Gateway To Your Success

Plants have served an important role in the lives of many people around the world. People use them for a lot of things depending on the purpose they serve. In the olden days, our forefathers used plants a lot because they served as a protection mechanism. In this article, I shall show readers the two powerful herbs that when combined can serve as a gateway to their success.

This direction I am about to show you has additional benefits aside from the main purpose they serve in human lives. These additional benefits include;

1. Protection against witchcraft.

2. Prevention of bad dreams.

3. Progression in business.

4. Blinds the enemy.

5. Helps you grow spiritually.

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The combination of the Tameawu plant and Susumasa leaves is one the most powerful ever. Many people have tried this duo and testified to the power these two combinations possess in nature. This is how to combine these two plants to do the magic in your life;

1. Get seven Tameawu leaves and soak them in salt water for more than two hours…….Continue Reading

2. Get three Susumasa leaves, put them in a bucket filled with half water and wash the leaves until it loses their green pigment.

3. Find any spiritual water(Florida water preferably).

4. Pour the Tameawu with the salt solution into the bucket of water with the green pigment of the Susumasa leaves.

5. Pour from the head of the Florida water Cologne seven drops into the water.

6. During the night, before you sleep, be sure to have bathed the water. This type of bathing is special because you will not add soap and a sponge. After the bath, do not wipe yourself with your towel, rather wait until the water dries up on you.

7. In the course of the bathing, pray for goodness upon your life until the water get gets finished.

8. Smear some of the Florida water in your palm and breath it into your system three times.

Do this continuously for seven days and you will see changes in your life.

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