Teary Erica Recounts Unpleasant Experience With Lagos Driver (Video)

Reality star, Erica Nlewedim has taken to social media to recount a sad experience with a Lagos driver.
According to her, she was about to make a U-turn when a driver bumped into her car from behind.
When she queried the driver, the man drove and stopped momentarily and stared at her through the window and then drove off.
According to her, what the driver did really pained her but she was helpless.
Erica however thanked her stars that what the reckless driver had bashed wasn’t her Range Rover.
Reactions have followed :
@Oriowoking said: “Tomorrow now
Una go hear say she don buy another motor…
This Nigeria self”
@cornellyuhng remarked: “She’s so pretty when she’s pissed 🥰😍”
@Zoxo71071795 said: “What is she still doing in Lagos? Shouldn’t she be in her second country?”
@obinkwo2 commented: “Your face @EricaNlewedim was too pretty for him to stand and that’s why he drove away Hahahhahahahha. Kpele on your car, in our Lagos, it’s either you hit someone or someone hits you, you will never see a clean car after 1yr on the streets of Lagos.”
Watch the video below

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