Tears flow as Osun polytechnic student commits suicide after visiting parents

Tears flow as Osun polytechnic student commits suicide after visiting parents

Tragedy struck on Saturday after the lifeless body of a 19-year-old undergraduate of Ipetu-Ijesa Polytechnic, Tomiwa Olonade, in Osun State was found hanging on a noose in his parents’ compound.

The deceased, a student of Computer Engineering Department of the polytechnic, had left his school to visit his parents’ apartment at Isokun area of Ilesa on Saturday morning before he reportedly committed suicide few minutes after.>>>>>CONTINUE READING HERE>>>>>

He was said to have been found by neighbours and other residents hanging on a rope used in sun-drying clothes within his parent’s rented apartment.

In an interview with Olonade’s octogenarian grandfather, Enoch, the deceased returned from school and had requested to have a discussion with his mother, but his mother was not at home as at the moment he arrived.

Enoch, who was sobbing profusely, expressed shock at the sudden and strange death of the teenager, revealing that, “his (Olonade) mother just sent him N80,000 yesterday (Friday) to pay his school fees. I always send money to him whenever he complained of fund paucity. I am done for.

“In spite of all I passed through with my daughter to give you (deceased) the best parents can do for their children, you chose to part with us in this gruesome manner, Enoch lamented.

It was gathered that the deceased, who was raised by a single mother (name withheld), had earlier phoned her to have an important discussion with her, but the mother was said to have gone to a church for service.

Few minutes after the student’s corpse was discovered, the mother rushed back home to know why her son had wanted to see her urgently.

She was, however, surprised when sympathisers who had gathered at the building prevented her from entering her compound in order not to see Olonade on the noose. When the sad news was broken to her, she wept bitterly.

Though the cause of Olonade’s suicide was yet to be known because there was no suicide note found with him, traditionalists were contacted to perform some rites to persuade god of thunder (Sango) to avert recurrence of the evil in the family.

Police detectives from the Ayeso A’ Divisional Headquarters, Ilesa were seen at the scene trying to gather information that could assist their investigations.

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