Student Recounts How She Was Forced To Sleep With A Dog For Money In Victoria Island (Images) |
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Student Recounts How She Was Forced To Sleep With A Dog For Money In Victoria Island (Images)

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A student has narrated her past, the ordeal she went through just to get money to live a better life.

Living in the commercial capital of Nigeria, lagos, she has recounted how she had a rare s3xual experience with a breed of dog identified as Alsatian dog through some white men just for huge amount of money.

The students ordeal was psychologist Joro Olumofin who had to treat her of mental problem after going through the act with the dog.

 According to the psychologist who shared the sad story of the lady, she claimed that the student is a poor orphan who was going through financial crisis and was unable to pay her fees ahead of her school exams.

But then had the chance to meet some white men at highbrow Victoria Island of Lagos who offered her a huge sum of money for her to sleep with their dog.

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She explained that the activity was a brutal and a hard c0re one which has now left her to go or desire after dogs instead of men.

Here is the full story sent by the student to the psychologist;

 “Hi! Please am in need of assistant. I cant stop having these taughts in My mind-I cant sleep. Both my parents have died. My hardship is tough. I come across some girls in my University hall who offer me assistant to ear my pain. If I cid the work, I have 3million. And I wont have to do it again. This was in February of this year Sa. Have contempt. 

I asked what is the work, they say they have to show me but won’t force it on me. 2 weeks flew by no calls or ims. Until the day, they asked  to follow them to island in Lagos. On our arrival , the men offered us 120k for just attendant and all. I Was hearing dog all over everywhere. 

Then my friend say, we are to sleep with Halsatian dog and the sponsors will watch. She took Of her dresses and then walked Into the room. Have never seen in my life, a white powder was put into the dog nose for agility. This dog fvck my friend like only a God can. She was mourning for hours non end. When it was my time, I prayed to God for guidance and I proceed. 

The dog grasp me right from behind and not let go. I have never come 3 times straight in a row before. It was the best s*x have had in my lifetime. Sponsors was impressed and offered us the money there and done.

 I promised myself not to do such again and I kept it to my promise. Now since February of the incidence have slept with 4 guys. None of them is like a dog. Am having to be thinking about dogs now. Now I have money. Am comfortable in school. I don’t want to have s*x with a dog for money but for the desire of it. I loved the dog s*x.

 Anytime I see any dogs I begin to get wet. Am confused because I can’t tell anyone about it. I feel like doing it again. It is not about the money. 

I see dog in my dream. How to overcome and go back to human male is my concern now. Sa Joro, your personal advise is welcome too.”


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