South Presidential Seat May No Longer Be For Tinubu, See Who They Are Now Canvassing |
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South Presidential Seat May No Longer Be For Tinubu, See Who They Are Now Canvassing

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Edwin Clark, an Ijaw national leader, has claimed that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), is afraid to speak out on the call for the restructuring of the country.

Tinubu Is Silent On Restructuring Nigeria Because Of His Ambitions

Speaking at a press conference in Abuja on Wednesday, Clark stated that Tinubu is remaining silent on the issue because of his ambition to become president in 2023.

Even though Tinubu has not officially declared his intention to run for president of Nigeria in 2023, his political associates have begun organizing campaigns on his behalf.

What several Nigerians want is the restructuring of the country in order to defuse the tensions and agitations that are threatening to tear the country apart at the moment. This is the primary reason for the high level of insecurity that people are experiencing.

The Tinubus, who were responsible for introducing restructuring into the APC’ s manifesto, have not spoken about it because they are afraid that if they do, they will be barred from contesting for the presidency of the country in 2023, Clark explained.

Majority Of Nigerians Believe In Restructuring

We want to reiterate that we are more patriotic than those who do not believe in the restructuring of Nigeria, even though we are very pleased to put them in their place, because the vast majority of Nigerians also believe in the restructuring of the country, he continued. We, on the other hand, would like to encourage the minority to follow us, the majority, because we are doing what is best for the country.

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As the general elections of 2023 draw closer, some observers are beginning to express reservations about the seriousness with which the South- West geopolitical zone intends to compete for the presidential nomination.

Despite the fact that the 2023 general elections are less than two years away, some people are still concerned about the health of Senator Bola Tinubu, the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress.

Nigerians Are most worried because of the case of Buhari who always take flight outside the country to treat himself, they have raised concerns they we can not afford to have another aged and still ill candidate for Presidency

South May Shift It’ s Attention To Orji Kalu

In response to the development, a senior member of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Hon. Jimoh Adewunmi Babafemi, has stated that the South- West geo- political zone may shift its support to Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, a former Governor of Abia State and Chief Whip of the Senate, in the year 2023, in response to the development.

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Based on his acceptability, he believes that Kalu is more prepared to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023 than any other candidate.

He stated this in a chat with newsmen in Abuja on Monday, noting that the South- West geo- political zone may consider Kalu as a presidential candidate in 2023 because they believe that it is the South- turn East’ s to produce the president in that year.

Power Rotation Crises Among The Geopolitical Zones

In the present situation, we are attempting to bring Southern Nigeria and Nigeria as a whole closer together. Assuming that the South- West ruled for eight years under President Olusegun Obasanjo and that Goodluck Jonathan ruled for six years from the South- South, if another candidate is coming from the South, it should be the South- East.

Of course, after the South- East has completed its two eight- year terms, the ideal situation is for power to be returned to the North. Another point to mention: whenever power moves to the northern hemisphere, the North- East has never produced a president in the history of our country. As a result, it should be given the same opportunities as everyone else.

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Power should be shifted to Southern Nigeria in 2023 for the purpose of stability and equity, and if they want to micro- zone, they should provide an opportunity to the South East, he said. They are deserving of the presidency of Nigeria.

Tinubu is an ideally capable leader for Nigeria, but I am concerned about his health. I would have backed Tinubu for president in 2023, but Nigerians are not willing to take the risk. He should take some time to unwind and take good care of himself. I shall also tell the people of the South- West to take it easy and allow others to do their thing.

It is not just a matter of microzoning it to the South- East; someone like Senator Orji Uzor Kalu should be considered for the role, says the senator. He is a resource manager who is also a detribalised Nigerian with a strong national appeal. When it comes to the 2023 election, we are really contemplating him ahead of Tinubu, he stated.


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