Social Media Erupts As Real Mermaid Was Captured Doing This At The Sea Shore |
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Social Media Erupts As Real Mermaid Was Captured Doing This At The Sea Shore

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The issue of Mermaids and other Metaphysical beings is one that has been a prime angle of discussion for decades. Though some fishermen and other sea folks had given verbal testimonies of sighting real mermaids in the deep sea, it has still not been enough to prove their existence since video footages were not available then.

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But just recently, real video footage has popped on the internet and is making waves on social media, especially on Tiktok which I will share the video with you shortly.

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In the video, a mermaid looking figure which we can all confirm to be a mermaid was seen washed ashore, the mermaid look weak and wounded as though it had been subjected to an animal attack which might have been a shack, in the video, a lot of people had gathered around the creature as they were left in shock because they had never seen something of that sort in their lifetime.

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You can see what the mermaid looked like in the video below 👇

A lot of people have shared their views and comment about the strange creature, whiles some regard it to be rather weird, others believe the creature is a real mermaid but the truth of the matter depends on the authenticity of the video. So taking a good look at the video, the look of the creature, the people around it, and all other factors, it is highly probable the content of the video is true and the creature is a real mermaid, but I believe professional reviews would be made available in some weeks and at that point, we would know beyond doubt if the creature is really a mermaid or something else

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