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Simple Ways To Get Permanently Pink Lips Naturally

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Having pink lips can be considered a sign of beauty nowadays and everyone wants to have pink lips. On the other hand dry and discolored lips are often associated with dehydration or an illness. However people can easily get pink lips naturally at home using simple treatments like lip scrub and lip masks.

If you always try to cover up discolored lips with lipstick. Want to have naturally pink lips that are dewy soft. You should try any of the remedies and also hydrate enough and avoid sun exposure.

1. Sugar Scrub.

Just made easily and naturally can make your lips pink if used. 1 teaspoon of sugar, 1 teaspoon of honey, and almond oil. Mix the three and apply on your lips leaving for 15 minutes then gently scrub. Don’ t over scrub the lips because they are very sensitive and can easily be worn out if done badly. Rinse well. Repeat the procedure and can be used twice a week.

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2. Honey and Aloe Vera gel.

Aloe Vera plant extracts and honey can also make a good combination for the lips because it makes the lips softer and removes the discoloration.

You can use aloe vera natural plant extracts or aloe Vera oil. Mix with honey and apply on your lips.

Wait for sometime and wash it off the lips. Constant application of this can help remove the discolored lips.

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3. Lemon scrub.

Lemon scrub very much helps to exfoliate the lips and hence fighting hyperpigmentation. Lemon when used on the lip easily removes the dead cells.

Squeeze lemons and add 1 table spoon of sugar with also 1 table spoon of honey. Mix well and apply on the lips. Remove after 15 minutes on the lips.

Repeat the process for better results.

4. Betroot.

Betroot is very nutritious and very effective to fight hyperpigmentation on the lips. A small peeled betroot, grate and extract it’ s juice. Dab on your lips using your finger tips. Leave and wash later. Repeat the process as often as possible.

This helps to prevent discoloration and makes lips softer.

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All these when used with consistency can easily make you achieve your desired pink lips.


Practices like smoking lead to discoloration of the lips therefore it is better to do this when not smoking and also taking plenty of water to hydrate since dehydration can easily crack lips making it easy for bacteria to enter the lips.


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