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Silent Pains Of Women With Massive Bums / Bortos

Women with massive Bortos or bums goes through many difficulties or pains yet they do not talk it out. Because of this, many people think that those with huge bums do not have anything to worry about but rather skinny ladies.

Today we have delved deeply to the roots to bring you all the things that make women with huge and massive bum stressful.

Here are they;

1. The first is the dress they wear.

The dress that fit their waistline, mostly pull up at their bum and unable to be moved up due to their big backside and their wide hips.

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2. Because of their wide hips, they take many hours to wear their trousers.

3. Men chasing them everywhere just because of their crazy backside.

Those men see nothing than their heavy Bortos and have no plans of taking them as life partners but rather to use and dump them.

4. The struggle to board a canmb with small seats as well as difficulties in sitting on tiny chairs offered to them wherever they go.

Most times, those chairs are able to handle only one of their bums and not the two together.

5. Price of custom fitted pants or shorts have skyrocketed. Same thing goes for great fitting panties.

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6. Always concious when they are sitting near to men in public.

7. They are always in fear of knocking things over unaware which may cause them problems and disgrace.

8. Easily recognize and unable to hide from the public because of their large size.

That is their stature always exposes them.

9. Your leggings become see through because the material becomes overstretched at the back.

10. Walking the staircase with a man following you.

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It makes you feel like they are watching your heavy butts shake.

11. Wearing mini skirts. You fear to wear mini skirts just because your big butts may sprung up anytime to say hello.

12. Men always wants to use your butts / bortos as a pillow to rest their heads on.

13. Most at times, boyfriends always fear to introduce you to their parents with the reason being that you will be laughed at.

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