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Side Effects Of Eating Onions You Should Never Ignore

3 Side Effects Of Eating Onions You Should Never Ignore

Onions are a vegetable that contains powerful organic chemicals and minerals that are of great benefits to the human body, especially in dissolving cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, eliminating harmful molecules called free radicals, and aiding proper functioning of the various organs in the body. However, there are some side effects of eating onions you should never ignore due to the additional chemicals the bulb-like vegetable contains, which can impact the body in an unfriendly manner. According to WebMD, the three sides of eating or ingesting onions you should never ignore are given below.

1. Onion is good for the body, and can be eating raw or used in cooking as a flavoring seasoning agent to give a pleasant aroma and taste to cooked foods, but eating too much of onion can make you have too much of some of its chemicals that create a side effect of bad breathe and body odour that is not pleasant. It’s medically advised to eat onions in moderation and not in excess, and if you notice that the vegetable gives you the kind of mouth and body odor you don’t like, you should reduce your intake of it.

2. Onions contain a high proportion of insoluble fiber and other chemicals that can cause stomach disturbance when ingested in excess, and some people may find their bodies allergic to the vegetable when they consume it in excess or in its raw form, and this is due to the fact that the insoluble fiber, together with some chemicals, causes stomach aches, bloating, and indigestion that generate stomach gas that can cause unpleasant discomfort……..Continue Reading

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