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Side Effects Of Drinking Garri Regularly

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Garri, for all we know, is one of the foods that people adore. It’s made of cassava and goes well with a variety of soups.

Garri, on the other hand, can be eaten when mixed with other components such as milk, sugar, peanuts, fish, and so on.

Drinking garri on a regular basis is not a smart idea, as it has health implications that we may not be aware of until it causes harm. In this post, we’ll look at three major health effects of drinking garri on a regular basis.

1. Garri has a negative effect on the eyes, which is one of its side effects. We all know that the eye is a fragile organ, and eating foods that do not help vision can lead to serious eye injury.

Cassava, on the other hand, has an extremely potent toxin known as hydrogen cyanide, which when taken offers a major health danger.

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When cassava isn’t properly processed before being used to make garri, it can contain cyanic acid, which is harmful to the eyes and can cause deformities.

Many people who already have an eye condition are recommended to avoid consuming garri on a regular basis.

However, to entirely remove this hazardous ingredient from garri, it must be extensively processed with care.

2. Being overweight is another effect, especially for those who want to lose weight. Garri is high in calories, which causes the body to store excess carbohydrate.

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Consistent use of this food will result in undesirable weight gain, which, if not managed properly, can lead to obesity.

Obesity, as we all know, is linked to a slew of other illnesses, including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, stroke, and a slew of others.

3. Drinking garri on a regular basis can also cause stomach problems. If there is too much cyanic acid in the garri, it can create digestive difficulties. Furthermore, this diet can create a severe bowel obstruction, resulting in severe constipation and, in extreme circumstances, the inability to pass feces for several days.

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People with ulcers can activate their ulcers or make them worse by drinking garri frequently. Finally, the need for us to be careful when buying garri cannot be overemphasized here.

Either processing garri yourself or purchasing from a reputable brand will ensure that the hydrogen cyanide is totally eliminated. If you must consume garri, do it in moderation to avoid these health issues.


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