Shugatiti confirms being a Ashwo– Screenshot |

Shugatiti confirms being a Ashwo– Screenshot

Shugatiti confirms being a Ashwo– Screenshot

Famed Ghanaians nudist, and socialite professionally known as Shugatiti has confirmed in her most recent tweet on the micro-blogging platform that ’s a prostitute……Continue Reading

As un-ashamedly revealed by Shugatiti herself, she on prostitution and ’s not conscience-stricken about that.

Shugatiti’s viral tweet has raised eyebrows reveals that ’s very proud of her work as a prostitute.

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simply tweeted; “Mey3 2 2 adwuma”

Prior to her open confession, a lot of Ghanaians had the stealth notion that Shugatiti was making ends meet by sleeping with sugar daddies hence her confession didn’t come as a surprise at all.

Below are some of the popular comments gathered under Shugatiti’s confession tweet;

@Notyour hommie – God bless you in your new endeavor… every investment replicate in folds…may the source of your business be tightened,may it never loose. May the pillars on your chest stay firm and strong and the flesh of your feet be hardened… Nyame nhy3 Woden , cos 3ny3 eas

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@Evanslives – How much for a night?

@1realbill – Wo gye 2gh anaa?

@Kofiwusu – One night y3 s3n?

We all know that most of our female celebrities are packaged who have veiled their main profession with acting.

They barely act in movies but own the latest cars, designer bags and shoes.

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