See What Yoruba Leader Said Will Happen By The Time Buhari Handover Power In 2023 |
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See What Yoruba Leader Said Will Happen By The Time Buhari Handover Power In 2023

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Chief Ayo Opadokun, an activist and former leader of the defunct National Democratic Coalition (NADECO), has stated that if President Muhammadu Buhari refuses to resign in 2023, the international community will intervene.

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During an interactive session on Wednesday, Opadokun stated that he is unable to predict whether Buhari will hand over power to a successor when his second term ends in 2023.

However, he claims that, thanks to the power of social media, the world has become more of a community in which government policies and decisions are not made in isolation.

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He backed up his point by mentioning the newly opened United States consulate in Eko Atlantic City, Lagos State, which cost over $500 million.

” I’ m not a prophet, I’ m not in the business of conjuring responses, I’ m neither a psychologist nor a seer to say reading from this person’ s body language, this is what this person will do or this is what he will not do, ” he said. In terms of what social media can accomplish, no leader is immune to its effects or focus.

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What you do here in one minute has the potential to go viral, gaining widespread recognition and following. I’ m going to give President Buhari the benefit of the doubt because he stated that he’ s going to Daura to care for his family.

” I must admit that the United States government’ s recent decision to spend $535 million to establish an American consulate in Lagos is not a joke; we are taken seriously. ” If anyone dares to deviate from this, he will have to deal with the international community.

Whatever your doubt is, I believe you are entitled to it as a result of recent events. I was a reporter at the time, and I was in Kano to cover the tribunal, which was established in 1981 but has since grown.

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” But we are doing it; we are positively and focused; there is a reason for us not to waste this opportunity because Nigeria is on the verge of something else; any slight miscalculation in the current situation could lead to something else. ” Let’ s see what we can come up with. “

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