See What Woman Did After Learning That Her Husband Has No Leg After Wedding [VIDEO] |

See What Woman Did After Learning That Her Husband Has No Leg After Wedding [VIDEO]

See What Woman Did After Learning That Her Husband Has No Leg After Wedding [VIDEO]

Online has revealed a heartwarming account of a man who withheld his impairment from his fiancée until after their wedding.

The man, named Jado, and his partner, simply known as Bora, allegedly dated for a very long period before getting married.

Jado allegedly kept his lack of legs from Bora during their courtship out of fear that she would him……Continue Reading

It is believed that the action was motivated by his prior encounters with women who dumped him as a result of his illness.

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According to legend, Jado lost his legs as a toddler as a result of a bomb blast.

At a singing competition, he ran into Bora. During the encounter, the duo exchanged phone numbers and later became romantically involved.

However, Bora was unaware that her boyfriend was missing legs. This was due to the fact that Joda always walked on prosthetic legs.

The woman claimed in a now- viral video that she believed his inability to walk correctly was caused by a fracture. But she only learned the truth after their wedding.

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In the video, Bora claimed that after hearing her husband’ s justification for his behavior, she no longer felt resentful against him.

According to reports, the lady’ s family was against the marriage because of the disabled man.

Bora remained in the union in spite of the opposition.

Numerous individuals have praised their love stories on social media in the past.

The incident has sparked reactions among netizens on social media.

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According to Vero Jude who said, ” I have now confirmed that there are still some people who practice true love in their relationship. If this is not true love, what else can you call it?

Patricia Nwafor reacted, ” Omoh, this girl truly has a big heart. If it’ s in one country Giant of Africa, the man would have received the insult of his life for not revealing his predicament before the wedding.


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