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See Top 8 Most Wicked Tribe In Nigeria 2021

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Nigeria is home to 371 ethnic groups, the most prominent of which are the Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba. In this essay, we’ ll look at some of Nigeria’ s most heinous tribes.

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Despite Nigeria’ s cultural variety, which includes the presence of several tribes and ethnic groupings. The usage of the official language allows Nigerians to live together and interact with one another (English).

When Nigeria was under the rule of the British, Nigerians practiced several religions, and because of the diversity of ethnicity, there was constantly a conflict amongst people, which led in fights and massacres.

Our heroes and heroines sacrificed their lives to ensure that Nigeria is a better country.

Nigeria’ s declaration of independence was thought to promote unity, peace, and progress in the country.

However, cultural, religious, and religious diversity is producing more division than unity.

The Biafra group (Igbos) is now fighting for their right to secede from Nigeria and build their own sovereign country.

On the other hand, the Hausa people are terrorizing the Tiv people and inciting disturbance in Benue State villages and other Nassarawa districts.

Again, there are a slew of other tribes in Nigeria that are thought to be evil and dangerous. They are a group of people with whom you should never get into a fight, even if you are completely innocent.

Wickedness is defined as the trait or act of being evil or morally bad. The tribes listed below are known to be Nigeria’ s most evil tribes.

1. Fulani

The Fulani are not just wicked, but also an extremely stubborn people who live a nomadic existence and refuse to follow official rules and regulations.

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Fulani people are cattle ranchers who spend their entire lives traversing the bush with their cattle in search of grass.

They are located in the northern part Nigeria in places like Sokoto, Gombe, Adamawa, Yobe, and other states like Benue.

The Fulani people are Nigeria’ s most hazardous tribes, due to their nomadic and aggressive lifestyle.

Every day in Nigeria, we hear in the press and on television about random killings by Fulanis, resulting in turmoil.

The Fulanis value their cattle beyond all else. Only a Fulani guy would willingly kill you for the sake of a cow, even if it meant protecting the life of a cow.

The Tiv people have suffered so much at the hands of the Fulanis that more Tiv people have been killed in cold blood by the Fulanis in recent attacks.

Finally, the Fulani people’ s major religion is Islam; they are deeply devout, although not all of them are violet.

2. Ogoni

Another violet tribe in the country is the Ogoni, which is infamous for killings, kidnappings, and other sorts of violence.

The Ogonis are a group of people who live in Rivers State’ s southeast senatorial district, in the Niger Delta region of southern Nigeria.

If you find yourself in Ogoni territory, you should be courteous and avoid causing them any trouble.

The people of Ogoni are extremely selfish and will kill you for merely N200 Naira; they feel that vengeance is preferable to forgiveness.

The people of Ogboni have a history of human rights violations, and the government has kept a close eye on them in order to restore peace and unity to their country.

3. Hausa

The Hausa people might be nice and welcoming, but that doesn’ t mean they can’ t also be dangerous and evil when they want to be.

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Even when they forgive, Hausa people believe in retribution over forgiveness, and if you exceed their borders, you will be haunted.

If you wish to live peacefully with a Hausa guy, the first step is to learn and speak his language; second, stay away from his wife and daughter at all costs.

To summarize, the Hausa people are peacemakers, but provoking a Hausa man will result in your death.

4. Edo

The Edo or Benin people are an Edoid ethnic group who live largely in Edo State in Nigeria’ s southern region. They are descendants of Igodomigodo, which evolved into the Benin Empire, and speak the Edo language.

In Nigeria, Edo state is the epicenter of Yahoo, cultism, assassinations, and bloodshed. They are a greedy people that will kill you to get what they desire.

The Edo people are believed to be one of Nigeria’ s most evil tribes.

5. Ijaw

Ijaw people are a group of Nigerians who live in the Niger Delta, primarily in Bayelsa, Delta, and Rivers states.

Ondo, Edo, and Akwa Ibom are some of the Nigerian states where they can be found. They can be seen in camps as far west as Sierra Leone and as far east as Gabon as migratory fishers.

Because to the high rate of terrorism and kidnapping, the Ijaw tribal people are regarded as one of Nigeria’ s most wicked tribes.

6. Esan

The Esan people are a southern Nigerian ethnic group who speak the Esan language.

Agriculturalists, trade- medical practitioners, mercenary warriors, and hunters have all been associated with them in the past.

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These folks are thought to be predominantly witches and cults. They are thought to be highly evil, and they are constantly at odds with one another, utilizing demonic tactics to bring one other down.

7. Igbo 

The Igbo people are intelligent, diligent, and prosperous. They are business- minded individuals who will go to any length to make money.

Second, the Igbos are Nigeria’ s richest tribe; their wealth is based on hard work rather than misappropriation of government assets.

Many others, on the other hand, despise the Igbos for continuing to campaign for the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Movement, which they spearheaded through Nnamdi Kanu.

During the Nigeria- Biafra civil war, the IPOB movement was responsible for the massacre and relocation of millions of Igbos from their homes.

They are considered a dangerous tribe due of their desire for money, which makes them prone to money rituals.

However, Igbo men are very kind and caring, and they know how to treat a girl properly. They are also very loyal to their relationships.

8. Yoruba

The Yoruba people live in Nigeria’ s southwestern geopolitical zone and are one of the country’ s most populous ethnic groupings.

The Yoruba tribe makes up the bulk of Nigerian leaders, and you can see how miserably they have ruled Nigeria. In the Yoruba homeland, indiscriminate killings, ceremonies, and kidnapping are all the rage.

In this way, they are regarded as Nigeria’ s most deadly and vicious tribe.

Despite this, the Yoruba are a kind people who are one of the greatest tribes to marry in Nigeria.

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