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See How Politicians Falls Off Bridge During Unveiling Ceremony (Video)

See How Politicians Falls Off Bridge During Unveiling Ceremony (Video)

The members of the public are reacting to a video which was posted on social media showing a ceremony that was conducted by political figures who went to what looks Like a village and they went there in order to unveil a bridge or a house.

However, what is truly hilarious about this situation with the fact that the individuals who were responsible for its construction had gotten into an accident right there where their unveiling was happening; so you can understand this is a very troubling thing that the members of the public are concerned about…….. Continue Reading 



This is something that has shed a lot of light onto the political systems that Africans have to deal with and the fact that our leaders are not in positions, where they are ensuring that the people in their respective countries are satisfied with their performance. As well as their results that they have put forward, but that is not the situation and that is the unfortunate part about this whole thing.

Now it is very embarrassing for them because they are the ones who are in a situation where they are supposed to ensure that whatever they have constructed is strong and durable, to such an extent where people wouldn’t necessarily die from using the services of that construction or facility.

However, that is not the case and most of the times African leaders are always cutting ribbons to some seriously pathetic projects that small companies would not even celebrate so you have to understand that this is the problem that is being faced by our society.

This is something that has become a major concern for a lot of people because people pay taxes, we have to take that into consideration and that is not free money the way that government officials are seemingly thinking that it is.

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