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See What Happened When A Couple Went To Court To Name Their Baby ‘Lucifer’

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Naming a baby is no easy task, and sometimes parents’ choices aren’ t always the luckiest.

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In this sense, those in charge of the Civil Registry usually give advice on why it might not be a good idea to give your child names such as Messiah, Christ or similar.

But that didn’ t stop Dan and Mandy Sheldon, who were so in love with the particular name they wanted for their baby that they even went to court over it. . . and won!

Thus, after four months of legal action, this couple happily went to the Chesterfield Town Hall, United Kingdom, to register their son under the name of Lucifer.

And it seems that neither of them had the slightest idea that Lucifer is one of the many names by which the devil is known in the Catholic religion.

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They simply noticed that it sounded nice and its meaning, which is really very nice: giver of light or morning star.

And to top it off, the treatment they received from the Derbyshire County office was not the best either, they revealed to the Daily Mail.

” She (the employee) said that our son would never get a job and the teachers wouldn’ t want to teach him. We tried to explain that we weren’ t religious, but he wouldn’ t listen. “

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So the local government had no choice but to apologize and give in to the strange request of these proud parents.

Opinion: Should Parents Name Their Kids Lucifer?

According to Tierney Kuhn, a Quora user, ” If you name your daughter Lucifer, it’ s going to saddle her with a lot of political and religious baggage long before she’ s old enough to know what those words mean, much less make a choice for herself. As far as I understand, one of the core beliefs of most modern Satanic churches is the importance of knowledge and self- determination. “

” I don’ t think that trying to force your child into a certain world view through their very name lives up to those values, ” she continued. ” If my teenage child wanted to change their name to Lucifer, I’ d happily support them, but I wouldn’ t give that name to any child who was too young to decide for themselves”

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