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Rihanna’s Photos While Bottle Feeding Her Baby Surface On Internet!

Wednesday was such a brilliant moment for the two popular love birds singer Rihanna and her Baby Daddy A$AP Rocky as they welcomed a bouncing baby boy. Rihanna has however shocked everyone after her photos bottle feeding her baby boy instead of breastfeeding him leak to social media leaving many eyebrows raised! According to the recent reports, Rihanna could be having a serious complication with her breasts and this could be stopping her from breastfeeding her newly born baby boy!

Singer Rihanna bottle feeding her baby boy, photo from Facebook

These photos have become viral on social media and netizens are still puzzled about what could be the problem with singer Rihanna’ s health!

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When a baby has just been born, he or she is very susceptible to catching diseases and various infections and doctors recommend the mother to breastfeed her child during these first days.

Breast milk contains nutrients to nourish the newly born baby, it contains the required minerals necessary for the normal growth of the child and this makes breastfeeding one of the most crucial things in a child’ s life!

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The first milk from a mother also contains antibodies that boost the baby’ s immune system since the child hasn’t yet developed a strong immune system to defend the baby against infections!


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