REVEALED : What Happened At My Children’s School Today

What Happened At My Children’s School Today

Good afternoon dear readers,

I will be straight and brief with my explanation

I dropped my kids in their school early today. On my way out of the premises, I overheard the HOS/HM telling/asking a particular child ” WHY ARE YOUR PARENTS SO STUBBORN?” because the child wore a black socks instead of white.

That word struck me and I felt pained cos, I won’t take such.

I intervened immediately and correct her manner (I told her that shouldn’t be coming from her as the head teacher).

Though she felt remorse, but she was like the said parents are always proving hard.

She told me she has had several encounters with these parents on this but they’re always complaining that the road to the school is very bad and that whenever it rained, their child will come in black socks……..Continue Reading



To be honest, the road is so mouldy and messed, very unpleasant, you find it so hard to walk down the road in rainy periods.

If you’re so familiar with ‘QUEENMARIS SCHOOLS’ along ikotun-ijegun road, you’ll understand better.

She also complained that this child will sometimes wear body hug under the uniform or improvised cardigan to prevent cold cos the parents refused to buy the school cardigan claiming it’s not priority.

That they’ll rather pay their child school fee than buying cardigan when they can improvise.

I was speechless though, but, I told her what she said is not good enough.What Happened At My Children’s School Today

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