Referee José Arnoldo Amaya Confirmed Dead After Being Beaten By Players And Fans (Photos) |
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Referee José Arnoldo Amaya Confirmed Dead After Being Beaten By Players And Fans (Photos)


The Salvadoran Soccer Federation announced that referee José Arnoldo Amaya died after being beaten by players and fans during the amateur match he officiated at the Toluca stadium in San Salvador.

The referee suffered injuries as a result of the beating and died at the Zacamil Hospital. The final diagnosis was an internal hemorrhage.

“The Salvadoran Soccer Federation condemns, regrets and rejects the physical aggression with a fatal result on the humanity of referee José Arnoldo Amaya, by pseudo fans and players during a match he was directing at the Toluca de San Salvador field,” said the ES in a statement.
Salvadoran soccer condemned the action and condemned the people who participated in the murder of the referee, who had 20 years of experience and officiated in colonial, collegiate and amateur league tournaments.

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“As a Federation we repudiate all acts of violence that are being generated in the different sports scenarios of the country. The Executive Committee of FESFUT joins the pain that overwhelms his beloved family”.

José Arnoldo was attacked when he decided to send off a player for a double yellow card. At first it started as an argument but the referee was beaten to the point of causing internal bleeding.

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One person has been arrested.
The National Civil Police of El Salvador informed that Juan Manuel Cruz Lorenzana was arrested in the Miramonte neighborhood, in San Salvador, for the murder of the referee.
“This criminal belongs to these gang circles, terrorist groups that promulgated death. This subject also has a triggerman profile within the gang called Mao Mao is a reflection of what these terrorist groups did to our Salvadoran people”, stated the Minister of Security, Gustavo Villatoro.

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